My Bliss this Past Week

So I have a brand spanking new goal to blog about my sometimes crazy, sometimes really boring and sometimes just shake my head life once a week. Taking little snap shots both with my phone and camera (ya never know what I may have handy at the moment) and in little stories. Now hopefully, fingers crossed – toes too – that I will keep up with this.  I live a pretty “normal” life, nothing out of the ordinary, but it’s my life, my family and I love it.

This is where I will post weekly, right here on this page and keep the most recent story up top. So feel free to be a peeper and come read all about my life, my bliss.

Week in Review

It’s been an interesting week for me. I have come to the conclusion that I really have lost my mind.

I’ll start out with last Friday. My hubby is a tractor pull crazy man and he has wanted to be a part of it for a very l0ng, vs just being spectator. Well – YAY!!! for dreams coming true! He has a friend that has a couple pulling tractors and this friend told him he could use his tractor to pull. So, the hubs got to pull for the very first time last Friday night.  He was very excited and did a pretty well for being a first timer. So happy for him!

Here he is after the pull with the tractor and our kiddos.

On to way I think I have lost my mind. All last  week and weekend – well until Saturday evening anyway – I thought it was Father’s Day weekend. So I took the weekend off to spend all this time with my family, only to find out I was a week ahead. I felt quite silly. However, I enjoyed my work free weekend anyway and the bonus – I get to do it again this week, now that I am on track.

Saturday was a pretty lazy and relaxing day, we didn’t do much during the day but come late evening, we headed to the beach to eat some pizza, let the kids play and watch the sunset. Ahhh how I love summer. My silly son was bored waiting for the sun to set so I gave him a challenge. There was this rather large rock on the beach that was extremely heavy. It was quite a ways away from us, so I challenged him to get the rock over by us. Well, my son, being all boy, stubborn and determined decided to take on this challenge. Over the course of the next 30 minutes this kid rolled this heavy rock over to me. He was not about to give up. I did try to get my husband to go give him a hand, hubby thought it more entertaining to just watch him. MEN!
A beautiful weekend.

The boy and the rock…

a few snaps of the kids enjoying the summer beach…

how we ended the day….beautiful sunset and the rock 🙂

As for the rest of the week. For some odd reason I thought it would be ok for me to work 14+ hours a day ALL week! What was I thinking?  So between working all that time, Hunter had friends over, our 6 week old kittens decided to take over the house, we got our pool all set up, which means mud and water in the house, by the way – I did do some cleaning to our little pig sty as did hubby ( how I love him for helping) – we found a home for one of the kittens, still have at least one left to go. Hunter wants to keep one, Rayne wants to keep another – couldn’t they want the same kitten? sheesh! Did a mountain of laundry, rescued my daughter from her earring getting caught in my mesh back support on my desk chair, sent my husband some obscene texts brought to by auto correct, gave the Bella dog a bath – only to have her go roll in the dirt again the next day. Watered my flowers, feeling perturbed about the rose bugs that are eating EVERYTHING! Dealt with legs falling asleep from sitting at my computer for to long, wondering why my arm was also going numb – realizing using a tablet pen with my elbow resting on my desk ALL day is not going to prevent that. Talked with my Mom – got some news about my Grandfather who has not been doing so well. Decided I really need to plan a family trip to Boston to see him very soon. Bella dog keeps getting in the garbage and will not quit eating from the kitty litter box ( EEWWW) then I have to clean up her puke because, lets face it, garbage and cat pooh is not good for anyone’s tummy, even a dogs. Non stop listening to my son complain he is bored, there is nothing to eat in the house (ok, we DO need to go shopping) listening to my kids argue. Had to brush my daughters very long (down to her tush) hair that I hadn’t done in two days, NIGHTMARE! Note to self, even if her hair is all pulled back, braided and bobby pinned does not mean it will not get into a tangled mess anyway. Discussed with hubby about getting a small pole barn so we can move some of our crap out of the house ( oh and so I can buy more props…shhhh) Managed to actually sleep! If you know me, that is a miraculous feat! I think that about sums up my week – I’m sure I’m leaving something out, but it’s alright – I’ve lost my mind, so I think I did pretty good wrapping it up.

Next week I will do better to capture a little more of my week in pictures. Doesn’t matter how old we get, we still like pictures to go with our stories.

So until next week…be safe, have fun, enjoy the little moments, cherish what you have because you have all you need at this very moment.

Fave quote of the week:

“Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.” -Charles R. Swindoll


Kristen Marie ♥

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