No More – Child Abuse Awareness – An Artistic Journey

I am continually updating this post as new pieces are complete.

Some of you may remember my post awhile back about me starting this series. I had very high hopes that I would finally be able to get to it after wanting to embark on this journey for so many years. I had managed to get one image done and it became a bit overwhelming to me. So many stories to tell were just flying around in my head and I couldn’t slow it all down enough to pull them out and tell them the way I needed to. Plus, I can admit that I was afraid. Afraid of how people would take it, or tear it down, criticize the story. It’s so personal to me, it’s my story, it’s your story, it’s a loved ones story, it’s a story that NEEDS to be told. Children are hurt every minute somewhere, by someone and just one more child having to endure this kind of pain is just to much. So many of us turn a blind eye to what is happening, sometimes right in front of us. With some encouragement from a group I am in, I had a new fire ignited in me to get back to it. If only for myself. I found that once I got started with new focutinues of child abuse, the pain, the fear and the innocent hope that all children find a way to hang onto through all of it. My daughter agreed to be my model for the pieces. I explained to her, as best as I could for an 8 year old to understand, why I was doing this. She liked the idea, but because she has not been touched by this in her life yet, she doesn’t grasp the full understanding of it. She looks at the images with her beautiful innocent soul and makes up her own story. She sees the sadness, but also sees the hope and light. I will let her keep her innocence, she deserves it, all children do. To many have had their innocence robbed from them and if my 8 year old is not as “worldly” as some others her age, I am wonderfully ok with that.

My husband asked me how many of these I was going to do. My answer, “when it’s done”. I really don’t know how many images will be made, I guess until I feel I have told the story the best I possibly can.

Here are the first 3 of the series. I felt I needed to put it out there, get over my own fear and tell the story. I will add more as they come to life. Feel free to share if you would like, I would be honored if you did and I know if just one more person can be enlightened, there is a child who would be grateful.

**Edited to add – 3 more images have been added. The “Isolated Dreamer” sequence was added. The sequence is about a little girl feeling isolated in her suffering, fear and pain from the abuse…yet she dreams and hopes for better days. My daughter requested the last image with the dove. She is my muse and reminds me daily why I am doing this series. While it may be hard and not the most pleasant of topics, it is one that should not be ignored. I look at my children and know that there are far to many who are missing out on the love that they know. If I can help it, they will never know the fear, the pain, the shame and the feeling of being alone that I once felt as a child. It has to stop. So, while I know this is not a pleasant topic, as uncomfortable as it may make me or any of us… is NOTHING compared to the children who suffer.

Many Blessings –
Kristen Marie

Lost and Found

The Light that Shines

See No Evil

Isolated Dreamer Sequence

Here is the next image in my child abuse awareness series. Titled – Healing Reflection – a child learning self healing, self preservation, self love.

“There is a moment in our healing journey when our denial crumbles; we realize our experience and it’s continued effects on us won’t “just go away”. That’s our breakthrough moment. It’s the sun coming out to warm the seeds of hope so they can grow our personal garden of empowerment ~ Jeanne McElvaney”

Healing Reflection

Safe in Daddy’s Hands

No Escape

Caught between seeking the light and the innocence of childhood and the never ending reminder of the gripping pain.

Keeper of Dreams

You can read the story behind this image here

kml creatives. photoshop textures, textures, photoshop actions

Freedom Surfacing

Breaking free of the effects of abuse and becoming a survivor. Letting go of being a victim.

kml creatives, textures, overlays, actions, photoshop actions

Thank you for taking the time to read and hear my story ♥


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