New Challenge – Cinemagraph

So I’ve been really wanting to try creating a cinemagraph for a few years. Didn’t think I had the skillz to pull it off, ya know how those self doubt issues creep up on you and bite ya in your rear end. I let those little buggers get the better of me for far to long and decided I am going to make myself try. I admit I struggled with it. I had so many different variations of this with the main focus always being on my daughter and having a balloon just ever so slightly moving. Well, I settled on this one. I learned some things along the way, I see where my mistakes are and have written them in my memory bank for the next time.

This was really fun to try, my daughter thinks it’s pretty neat too.

What about you? Have you tried this technique? If so, I’d love to hear from you, leave a comment and post a link to your creation.

Titled – Pink Balloon (the still)

The animation

cinemagraph, gif, animated image
I have noticed that when saving for web, the image quality gets rather degraded. If you know of a fix for that, please share.

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