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Winter Photoshop Actions Winter Craze 2014 for cs3+ and CC users Beautiful and integrated action collection enhancing the tones of winter. get the collection HERE 21 color and tone actions *cool night *fire side * warm cocoa * wintergreen * … Continue reading

My touch

Ever buy clothing online and think it just looks oh so cute and amazing? Then it arrives at your door, you tear at the packaging with full on anticipation and excitement and then your heart sinks. It so does not look nearly as fabulous as it did online. Well, that happened to me. I was shopping online for some clothes for my 6 year old daughter for school (and let’s face it, for pictures..the photographer in me never sleeps), I spotted this adorable little skirt, all girly and frilly, with a bit of a handmade boutique appeal. I had to have it for her and I was imagining a photo session with her wearing it. Well, it was a let down when I opened it. The fabric flowers were flat, squished looking almost. I loved the color, loved the vibe of it, but knew it needed more. Even my husband thought it was “lack luster” and he said, “You should add to it”. Now for a guy to say that, especially my guy as he is just a country causal, simple clothes kind of dude, you have to know it was blah. So I set it aside for awhile, to let my disappointment wane and give myself time to get excited about giving it my touch.

Enter my new found excitement. I knew just what I was going to do it. Make a couple rolled fabric flowers, add some beads, a few buttons, a little more frill. So I put on my music (it helps me dive into my creative juices) and got to work.

Before: just a little plain, just didn’t look as good in person as it did on the website. Even these photos it looks better than it really looked to the eye.

The goodies: some sweet rolled fabric flowers, some beads, a few fun little vintage feeling buttons, hot glue gun, some frill.

I sewed on a little bead pattern (beading is not a strong suit of mine) sewed on the fabric flowers, buttons and frill and viola!!! It’s a new boutique inspired skirt that my daughter LOVED… did I.

Now my vision for her photo session was complete. I wanted a bohemian hippie appeal and this new little skirt just fit the bill and I couldn’t be happier with it.

I had a lot of fun giving this little skirt my touch. I was easy, really didn’t take much time and I used things that I already had around the house, so I wasn’t out any money either.

Kristen Marie

Do you have any clothing make overs you’d like to share? Send me an email with description and photos and you may just get featured here.

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