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Coming later January to early February the new Artistque Collection.

I am simply am in love with this collection already and I am far from being done with it. I have a huge love of old portrait paintings. I could stare and just get lost in them for hours. I am not a very good painter on a canvas, so I am creating this collection to help bring a little of the texture, smudges, the bumps, the light and soft tones so they can be added to photographs. I am enamored with what these tools so far help me create.

Here are a few samples.


Michele Coleman Photography – Featured Artist

Featured Artist – Michele Coleman Photography

KMLC- What was it about photography that drew you in and made you decide to pursue it?
Michele – I fell in love with photography while in college studying Journalism. Back then I shot film, and there was nothing better than the “rush” and excitement I felt after I developed my images and saw them for the first time. I guess what drew me in was the art and the challenge of the craft. I always knew I would be an artist of some form. Before I found still photography, I dabbled in poetry, collaging, video production, painting, and other mediums.

KMLC- Define your artistic style?
Michele – Spontaneous, Artistic, Edgy and Colorful. I love to capture or create emotion, nostalgia, and innocence in my work with children. With High School Seniors it’s all about telling their story, showcasing their personality, and style. I equally love vibrant color, black and white, and a little vintage. I love to mix things up constantly.

KMLC- Where do you find your motivation to grow, be creative and unique?
Michele -My motivation to keep digging deeper and becoming better at my craft stems mainly from an overwhelming desire to create. I think all artists strive to continually create better work. Recently I have begun to incorporate my love of decorating and putting together colors and elements into my photography. It’s working out great and given me a new boost of creativity. I am also a highly motivated and independent person, which I get honestly from my Mother. Hard work and perseverance run through my veins. I have a dream of the life I want to live and my career is a means to see it become reality. Loving what I do and getting to create art everyday make it so much more enjoyable, of course! I also love to inspire others and strive to that through the images I create.

KMLC -Being a business owner can pose many challenges, tell us how you find balance between your business, art and your personal life.
Michele – I would be a liar if I told you that I have found that illusive balance. Still aiming for it. Traveling a lot seems to help. I love road trips, seeing and experiencing new things, and spending time with loved ones whenever I get the chance. Keeps me refreshed. I am, however, one of those people who can never seem to really “rest.” Even when I try to put the camera or computer away, I find myself itching to get back to it.

KMLC- What KMLC products do you use?
Michele – I use all of KMLC’s texture sets, especially Whispers and Whispers 2! I also love Light Leaks!

KMLC- Tell us about these images.
Michele – This set of images is of Sam, one of my Class of 2014 Senior Spokesmodels. Sam has a big personality, and is very outgoing. She’s into Dance, Theater, Music, Disney, Vintage, and Harry Potter. I wanted to help her showcase all of her various interests and she made is so easy with her awesome style and willingness to go along with every random idea I came up with. The tomato shot was done right beside of her house, and she worked in the field growing up. When we showed up to the location, the workers were still in the barn and told me I could use anything I wanted. I pulled together a few props and magic happened. I love that image. What I love most about it is it’s not just a cute senior portrait but it has a real story behind it. It means something to Sam because it represents a big part of her childhood.

KMLC – We all want to know, what’s in your bag?
Michele – A Nikon D4 and a D700 for a backup. Favorite lenses include the 70-200 VR, 85mm 1.4, 105mm 2.8 Macro and the 24-70mm 2.8. Other lenses in the bag: 50mm 1.8, 35mm 2.0. Lighting in the studio: Calumet Travelites with varied sizes of softboxes and a beauty dish. One Larson reflector. I also use a Ringlight, IceLight (new favorite toy), and some LED video lights. For on location photography with Seniors and Weddings I always pack my Elinchrom Quadra Ranger setup and a few Nikon speedlights.

Thank you so much Michele!!! Gorgeous images as always!

To see more of Michele’s work be sure to check out her website HERE

and her facebook page HERE



If you would like to be considered as a KMLC Featured Artist, follow the link, fill out the interview and send in your images per the directions at the interview HERE

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…and the winner is


Vivian Peralta Fotografia


Congratulations to Vivian Peralta Fotographia! Her number was drawn and she is the winner of the KMLC new Grungier Texture Collection and a feature blog post right here!! Go check out her facebook page, show her some love!!! Fabulous image!

Thank you to everyone who sent in their submissions, so many great images. Over the next few days, be sure to check your emails as I will be sending a little thank you to everyone who entered!





Top 5 images of the KMLC Texture Giveaway

Boy this was tough! I had to pull in two more judges to get this narrowed down to 5. So many good images that it was hard for people to choose just 5. Sooo… what I am doing is having the top 5 image with one wild card image, existentially making it a top 6.

The random drawing will be tomorrow evening and the winner will be notified by email and announced on the blog.

Thank you so much to all of you who sent in images. What I love is that, for some of you, this was your first time using textures and I am amazed and inspired at how well you implemented them with your image. So, thank you … all of you!

Here are the top 6 images in alphabetical order.


Image 1 – Adam Furtado of True LAFS Photo


Image 8 – LaBella Vita Photography


Image 9 – La Valle Digital Art


Image 11 – Lisa Marie Photography


Image 12 – Melissa DeWitt Photography


Image 19- Vivian Peralta Photography


Amazing work everyone, now reach around and pat yourselves on the back!

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KML Creatives Texture Giveaway Entires

First, I want to thank everyone who sent in images! SO many great ones and I so glad I don’t have to choose.

To refresh your memory, all images submitted are posted here. The judges will then pick their top 5 favorites and then the top 5 images will be posted in another blog post on Wednesday evening. They will be numbered 1-5 in alphabetical order. They will be up for a few days (just to show ya off a little) and then the numbers will be placed in a selector. The winner will then be notified by email and also here on the blog. The winner will receive the new grungier texture collection from KML Creatives, PLUS get a feature in an upcoming blog.

So, with out further adieu, here are your images!
In alphabetical order.

Image 1 – Adam Furtado of True LAFS Photo

Image 2 – Carole Anthony Photography

Image 3 – Dalton Lane Photography

Image 4 – Donald DeWitt

Image 5 – Integrity Developments from Dawn

Image 6 – Jason M Portraits

Image 7 – Kelly Broyles Photography

Image 8 – LaBella Vita Photography

Image 9 – La Valle Digital Art

Image 10 – Lisa Epsy Photography

Image 11 – Lisa Marie Photography

Image 12 – Melissa DeWitt Photography

Image 13 – Michelle and Jason Photography

Image 14 – Michele Coleman Photography

Image 15 – Michelle Renee Photography

Image 16 – Mindy B Photography

Image 17 – Push Play Photography

Image 18- Tricia Scrivner Photography

Image 19- Vivian Peralta Photography

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KMLC Texture Contest Giveaway

I know you’ve all been so very patiently waiting for all the details and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your incredible understanding that being a mom must come first for me. My sweet girl is very much so on the mend and back to being her giggly, creative, happy self. Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers.

This contest/giveaway is for fun. I want you to really stretch yourself, think outside of the box and do not be afraid to play and try something new. Most of all have FUN!!!

So here we go!!!!

You must use the free texture “Hysteria” from the new Grungier Textures Collection. Link provided to download the texture below.

Send your high resolution jpeg image using Hysteria to me Please watermark your images, but careful to keep your watermark small enough that it does not interfere with the image. Please also include a link to your facebook page and/or website. Your images will be linked to you.

All images must be sent in by Sunday 9/30
I will post all images sent in on Monday 10/1 right here on my blog.

I will have a panel of judges pick the top 5 images. Images will be judged on creativity of image, use of texture and overall look. We need to see the texture in your image, so don’t be afraid to go bold.

Once the top 5 are picked, I will be posting them on the blog to show ya off a little.

The winner will be chosen out of the top 5 by, your images will be numbered 1-5 by alphabetical order of your first name.

The winner will be notified via email and then announced here on my blog. The winner will receive the new Grungier Textures Collection, plus get a feature on KMLC blog, which will include images from one of your sessions, with a short little interview.

Here is the texture Hysteria to use for the contest. Hysteria is one of my faves from the new Grungier Collection. Click on the image and it will take you to the download link.

The above image of my daughter was edited using Hysteria as well as the next images.

If you have ANY questions, please…just ask. You can send me an email or message me on facebook.

You can find the new Grungier Textures at as well as all texture collections and templates KMLC has to offer.

So, go now…grab the texture, play and have fun. Get those images emailed in by Sunday!!!

Kristen Marie