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KML Creatives Painted Skies Overlays

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These sky overlays were created to be used to help add a little drama to your images. Whether it’s to take a boring sky and give it life or if you are digital composite artist. These sky overlays are a little different from KMLC’s previous overlays in that they are more of a painted look. It took me 6 months of watching the skies daily to find the right look that I was going for. I have compiled my favorites in this collection and love the painted look each of them has. There are 15 all new skies, each one with 2 tones for a total of 30 sky overlays. In the images below you will see how I used one of each of the 15 different skies. The first is the original sky used in my fine art piece titled “Carried Away”. I just wanted to show each of the overlays in use so you can see how they work within the image.

The Painted Skies Overlays will be available for purchase 7/31/14. Want a chance to win the collection? Share this blog post on your facebook page with a link to the KML Creatives facebook page, come back here and leave a comment that you did so. You can get another chance to win the collection by going the KML Creatives facebook page and click on “share” this image here and leave a comment under the image that you shared. Do both and your name will be entered twice into the random drawing. Name will be drawn Friday 8/2/14, so that will give you from the time of this blog post until 11am on Friday. You can share once a day, today. tomorrow and Friday morning. Just be sure to leave those comments so I know you shared. The more you share, the better your chances are of winning the collection. If you purchase the collection before the drawing and your name is picked, you will be reimbursed or you can choose a store credit for the value.

That’s it! Easy as pie 🙂
Thank you and many blessings,
Kristen Marie ♥

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kml creatives, sky overlays, cloud overlayskml creatives, sky overlays, cloud overlayskml creatives, sky overlays, cloud overlayskml creatives, sky overlays, cloud overlayskml creatives, sky overlays, cloud overlayskml creatives, sky overlays, cloud overlayskml creatives, sky overlays, cloud overlayskml creatives, sky overlays, cloud overlayskml creatives, sky overlays, cloud overlayskml creatives, sky overlays, cloud overlayskml creatives, sky overlays, cloud overlayskml creatives, sky overlays, cloud overlayskml creatives, sky overlays, cloud overlayskml creatives, sky overlays, cloud overlays


I LOVE sales!!! Don’t we all???

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Sample from the Autumn Collection

Sample from the Winter Collection

Sample from the Candy Shoppe Collection

The Apple Orchard – Childhood Photography

After a over a month of being confined to my bed, I FINALLY am getting around to a bit of normalcy!!! WOOT!!!

One thing I have been desperately wanting to do is this session with my daughter. I had found this adorable 70’s vintage dress on Etsy and have had this session in mind since the beginning of August. It was an incredibly beautiful day yesterday and I was feeling pretty much amazing, in comparison to what I have been feeling and I was determined to do this session. I don’t normally blog so many images, but it was next to impossible to pick just a few. I wanted the whole story told as best as I could. I adore these images. They may not be technically perfect in anyway, but honestly….I DO NOT CARE!!!! They represent some fun quality time with my little baby girl (who really isn’t so little anymore) something that she has been seriously missing since I have been bed bound. My whole family has been missing, well…me. It’s not easy being stuck in bed for so long. Hopefully I am on my way to health and getting back to being a mom and wife.

These images are a treasure to me and I just had to share them. I hope you will enjoy the innocence of childhood that I was trying to convey.

Have a blessed day.

Please do forgive my storyboards being a little out of whack! I was in to much of a hurry to get it done…shame on me 😉

Equipment used: Nikon D600, Nikkor 50 1.4G
Settings: ISO 250 – f2.2 to 2.5 – 1/800s to 1/1000s

Dalton Ln Photography – KMLC Featured Artist

Featured Artist – Jessica Sharpe of Dalton Ln Photography

KMLC- What was it about photography that drew you in and made you decide to pursue it?
Jessica – I always tell everyone I wish I had one of THOSE stories, you know digging through my grandparents attic, finding that old film camera & developing a deep emotional connection to photography at the age of, oh, lets say 9…. But that never happened. I have always taken pictures here & there, but I never knew it was what I needed to be doing until 2009. Valentines Day that year wasn’t exciting for me, my husband was loading up on a bus, and heading to the airport. Destination, Iraq. It wasn’t great, or ideal, but I knew we would be fine. Then we got some news. My husband was part of one of the largest troop movements in history from one war to another. He wasn’t staying in Iraq, he was moving to Afghanistan. There was news coverage of it all the time and we stayed by the TV seeing images of these men & woman, once I seen how much just catching a glimpse of a familiar face meant to me, I knew I wanted to do the same things for others. No war involved of course, just capturing a memory for someone.

KMLC- Define your artistic style?
Jessica -My artistic style….I would say I am a blend of portrait and lifestyle photography. I love a session with a theme, but never anything too posed. I love rich jewel tones and unique areas. I want my images to be timeless and evoke emotion or a connection when people see them

KMLC- Where do you find your motivation to grow, be creative and unique?
Jessica -I find motivation in everything! We live in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, you can not go for a hike here without being inspired by the lighting. I also love to people watch, seeing the way people connect to one another is amazing, and I love to convey that. Other than that I have a great group of peers who inspire and encourage me in a number of ways. .

KMLC -Being a business owner can pose many challenges, tell us how you find balance between your business, art and your personal life.
Jessica – It’s a tightrope act for sure! But one you have to balance on! We make time for family outings, movie nights, things like that. I also take time away for myself for things like girls night! Right now with opening the studio things are crazy, but I plan on making date nights with this handsome guy of mine a priority before he leaves in January!

KMLC -What KMLC products did you use on these images?
Jessica – Clouds/Actions/Textures! I use them all! I have the Grab Bag! Love It! Tack Sharp is my best friend! Due to my style of shooting my skies are almost always blown, so the clouds (especially the newest collection!!!) are a go-to! And then I almost always have a faint texture on all our images!

KMLC- Tell us about these images.
Jessica – This session was recently shot as a birthday surprise. Grace, 11, had admired this violin, which she appropriately named Robyn, in the music store catalog. She has started playing earlier this year and was using one the school had provided. When I seen she had got the violin, I knew what we were going to do.
The area we photographed in was a little walking path a neighbor of mine had done complete with a creek and bridge. luckily it was a little over grown and not too manicured so it worked perfectly!

KMLC – We all want to know, what’s in your bag?
Jessica – I’m a canon girl through and through! I shoot with a Markii 5D. My lens of choice is either my 70-200 or my NiftyFifty. I tend to shoot more natural light so my reflector is always on hand. Other than that you will find my Galaxy3, BurtsBees lip balm & always Pez! Little kids love Pez! They don’t melt or make a mess, and there are a ton in one tiny little pack, that’s a whole lot of bribery!

Thanks for sharing with us Jessica! Amazing images!

To check out more of Jessica’s work at Dalton Ln Photography, go visit her facebook page HERE

and her website HERE

Be sure to spread some love and share!

If you would like to be considered as a KMLC Featured Artist, follow the link, fill out the interview and send in your images per the directions at the interview HERE

Lensbaby 2012 Photo Story Challenge – KML Creatives

I love, love, love my Lensbaby Muse! I don’t get the chance to use it very often, but when I do – oh I always swoon! I love a dreamy image and my Lensbaby never lets me down in that department.


So here is a little storyboard of some of my fave images of my fave little girl on our fave little tree swing.


Featured – KML Creatives

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